Our Vision is

to help you discover and fulfil your God-given purpose or vision in life.
"Take a central and cause all men to function and be fulfilled"

We are called to fulfil our destinies and to help others fulfil their destinies in Christ

Our Mission is

- Teaching God's word and imparting all men by the Spirit of God to be formed, filled and empowered with God's fullness and overflow.

- Preaching to the lost, healing the sick, prospering the poor, liberating and enlightening souls of men.

- Equipping the saints for the work of ministry in all spheres of life.

Upcoming Events

Our special programmes are targeted to address vital issues within the church and to also reach out to others outside our church. Communion special programmes are church based events that edify the saints and save the lost while other outreach programmes are powered by LIFECHANNEL MINISTRIES. We also have special tagged services on our usual service days.

Communion Christian Centre