Confession Statements
Season of Dominion

Father God, we thank you for all that you have been and done for us. Thank you for all that we have been through individually and as a spiritual family. Thank you God for all the blessings, situations, challenges, relationships and all. Glory to God! (Ps 34:1)

We have received God’s mercy, compassion and grace into our lives. We are God’s righteousness in Christ Jesus. We are Christ-like in thoughts, character and actions. We are super intelligent, super-excellent and full of God’s glory!

All demonic shackles and bondages are broken; We are liberated from negative notions, addictions, bad habits and all kinds of weaknesses.

We are supernaturally strengthened, fortified, full of the Spirit of love, might, wisdom, power, grace, faith, excellence and truth in Jesus name. (Heb 4:16; Is 11:2; 2 Cor 3:17).

Therefore, we exercise dominion by the Holy Spirit in every facet of life; in our industries, workplaces, relationships, families, politics, governance and nation.

We are in charge of all circumstances, conversations, plants, animals, sea, land, machines, money, properties and all. We reign by abundant grace and the gift of righteousness in and with Christ in Jesus’ name. Amen. (Rom 5:17; Gen 1:28)

We have received God’s requisite knowledge, deeper understanding and we operate divine wisdom and we are successful in our businesses, careers, studies, relationships, marriages, health, finances, properties, families, church, ministry and all.

We are supernaturally healed and healthy; settled with wonderful friendships, relationships and marital bliss; experiencing financial provisions, massively impacting lives via our ministry; fulfilling and helping others to fulfil God-given purposes in Jesus’ name!

CCC, LCM has sporadically increased in membership, insights, influence, impact and in physical, material, financial & human resources to fulfil our mandates, saving and blessing generations in Jesus name.

We have supernaturally opened CCC, LCM in Ibadan, Abuja, VI-Lekki, Port-Harcourt, New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, and in all commercial and capital cities and countries of the world by the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders via God-fearing, trusted, reliable, humble, resourceful, broken, skilful, intelligent, submissive graceful, CCC-LCM vision-driven sons and daughters of Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Tope Awofisayo.

All our church centres and ministry meeting venues are packed full of people with many services in Jesus’ name.

All leased facilities we need for the gospel of Christ are paid for with ease in advance, landed property and buildings are acquired debt free without stress. Many lives (orphans, prisoners, poor, less privileged, sicklers, disabled, broken-hearted and others) are touched and taken care of by the rest of us.

We have started building and repairing ruined cities' and countries' economies, health, education, infrastructures, families and so on because we are men and women that hear, see and perceive what God is saying in Jesus name.

Therefore, we are comforted, anointed, offence-free, peaceful, love-walkers, holy and full of joy unspeakable in Jesus name. (Is 61:2-7; Matt 22:18-20; Mark 16:17-20; Luke 12:32)

Our families, organisations, communities, cities & nation-Nigeria are blessed, peaceful and full of Christ’s knowledge. Kings, politicians and public officers are saved and God-fearing. The body of Christ is on fire for Christ. All other churches and ministries with their ministers are blessed, multiplying and fulfilling their God-given mandates in Jesus’ name.

I, (mention your name), specifically declare that in this season and in 2020, I......................... ................................ ................. .................

it’s our season of dominion, we leap onto the next level of greatness and exploits. We are in charge of life and its events, taking over places and winning souls massively for Christ in Jesus’ name. Thank God for answers.

Glory to God.
We Rejoice!!!!